2020 legislative priorities #

WSNA is the leading voice and advocate for the profes­sional inter­ests of regis­tered nurses who live and work in Washington state.


School Nurse Corps Funding #

Improve the health and safety of K‑12 students across Washington by funding OSPI’s request for an additional $5.5 million for the School Nurse Corps which funds nurses in Class II (small, rural) school districts.

Nursing Education Funding #

Increase funding for four-year univer­sity nursing faculty salaries to recruit and retain well-quali­fied educa­tors. Provide schol­ar­ship and loan repay­ment funding that allows finan­cial stability while giving under­served commu­ni­ties additional providers. Increase training oppor­tu­ni­ties for sexual assault nurse examiners.


Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners #

Increase access to training, improve reimburse­ment and call payments, and create unifor­mity around the state to ensure victims receive the care they deserve.

ARNP Reimbursement Parity #

Require health plans to reimburse ARNPs at the same rate as physi­cians when the same service is provided, aligning with the practice of Washington State Medicaid and the Depart­ment of Labor & Industries.

Health System Financial Transparency #

Require increased trans­parency of health system finan­cial reporting, including disag­gre­ga­tion of data.